when you drink the water and the tummy go sploosh sploosh

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"of monsters and joe"

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   bb so cute   



Buy me cute underwear and oversized hoodies and let me fall asleep in your lap

What makes this for me is the url.

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Zahia Dehar, Spring 2013 Couture

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so im shopping for make up for the girlfriend bc valentines day and holy fuck how do you girls afford this shit

$80 for eye shadow???

is it made out of unicorn shit

what is naked 3

why is it called naked

will it make her look naked

why is it $50

that’s 50 cheese burgers

i can’t deal with make up good bye

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Telling a young girl she can’t wear what she wants because it’s not appropriate encourages the idea that men’s reactions should dictate society’s norms, and that all women are meta-Eves, tempting and ensnaring men with our sultry-eyed gaze. My parents’ culture is steeped in patriarchy, in the philosophy of the one-step machismo machine, where there is just one kind of man, and two kinds of women: the angel and the whore. These limited ideas of masculinity breed men who want ownership of women.
- Fariha Roison (via girl-violence)
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Title: Luv Letter
Artist: DJ Okawari
Album: Mirror
Plays: 5585


日本の歌: Luv Letter - dj okawari

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you make me want to throw up my lunch

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we had to put all of the plants we got into one basket and it turned into a mess of leaves

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